Weitere englische Vokabeln im Text

September 14, 2016

Wie der Titel schon sagt werde ich nun die zweite Seite meiner englisch Vokabeln zu einem Text verfassen. Wenn dich der erste Teil interessiert, den findest du *hier*.

When I have old clothes and I dont wear them anymore, then we sell them in the internet. It´s so easy and you not have to sign a lot. So when all my old pants are selled, I can spend the money for a new trouser. My sister and me store all the old clothes in her old room. But you should not suppose that all clothes will become selled. You can always thank when someone buy something. Because we used the clothes of course so they are not new. But my sister gets rid lots of her old stuff. So she has a account on this page and organized all and I sends the packages away.

When someone want one thing from your side, they send you a message with the address. And there is no really alter-sale service, so they can not send you the clothes back.We have already send so much clothes away and had no problems.
This moment when you open a letter and you read the 3rd apology at this day that they not can take you as apprentice. Maybe you know that I surching an apprenticeship at the beginning of the year. And I know that you not get a commitment at once. But with the time all my hope was away and my new plan was the FOW and after so many applycations called me one where I apply for an apprenticeship and I get a internship there.
My boss is so friendly like all my colleagues. The branch is in the city near to my little village. It´s a fashionhouse but they sell brands what is for my too expensive. At the first days there I see every day a new room, so it´s feels for my, and I think so what is that a big building, I had never thought from the outside. And the tasks there is not only sell the clothes. I have to do so many things. I never thought that the business is so difficult.  But we are just only buyers from the brands to sell them to our customers.
You have to by so careful in so many situations. But sometimes we want to be in a citycentre and want to have no fear that somebody steal your money. Certainly you all know the fealing. So you hug your bag so that nobody have the chance to grab your purse. There I feel a change. When I was 13 or 14 I never tought that we can daily be in danger. At this time it can be dangerous only to be at a public place. So everybody must take a decision. Do you want to be everytime in fear or do you say ohw shit no I want to life my live. And this is more difficult than its sounds.

Das war es jetzt erstmal in den Vokabeln, jedoch erahne ich schon dass wir nachdem Vokabeltest die nächsten zum lernen bekommen. Ob ich das dann wieder machen werde, weiß ich noch nicht.

Wie lernst du Vokabeln? Ich denke so ein Vokabelkasten könnte mir noch helfen.

eure Lea♥

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2 Kommentare

  1. Ich finde es gut, dass du versuchst dir die Vokabeln in einem Text zu lernen und vor allem, dass du es über deinen Blog machst. Hier und da muss beim He/She/It ein S mit :P
    Amira | www.amicoco.com

    1. Das freut mich sehr, dass du die Idee auch gut findest. Ich war mir erst damit nicht so sicher. Danke für den Tipp, ich schau gleich noch mal drüber:)



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